SOCCIS: A Regional Model

Benefits of SOCCIS Membership

  • The continuation of a low-cost consortium with a central office that has no administrative overhead

  • Support for guest speakers, workshops, conferences and curriculum development, with primary condition that the initiative be a multi-campus effort

  • Funding of SOCCIS Standing Committees

  • SOCCIS Small Grants Program

  • Opportunity for scholars to participate in the SOCCIS network through SOCCIS committees and SOCCIS-sponsored events

  • Access to the SOCCIS communications network, flowing from the Steering Committee representatives and the Standing Committee network, and the "SOCCIS News Section" in the newsletter, ISOP Intercom

  • Information distribution through the network

  • Annual rotating Spring SOCCIS Steering Committee meetings hosted by a SOCCIS member institution to inform on the campus structure, it's international programs, current instruction, research and public service, and strategy for the future of international education at the institution

  • Support of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Access to the SOCCIS Film Library, a collection of nearly 300 films and videos on international studies

  • Participation in the annual SOCCIS-sponsored Latin American Studies Seminar

  • Access for students enrolled in SOCCIS institutions to certain foreign language and literature courses offered at UCLA or another SOCCIS member campus for home institution credit with no extra fees

  • Availability of inter-institutional courses to students enrolled at SOCCIS institutions

  • Coordinated advocacy effort and work with the Coalition for International Education

SOCCIS provides the coordination of resources necessary for these projects. The SOCCIS-sponsored lectures and conferences are normally open to the public, serving both SOCCIS member institutions and the general public of southern California.