SOCCIS: Film Collections


The SOCCIS Film Library serves the international Studies faculty of consortium member institutions. Through the Film Library, instructors at member institution may borrow audiovisual learning materials without paying rental fees or handling charges. By pooling these resources, SOCCIS makes available a wide range of expensive educational materials at no cost to consortium members.

Beginning 2000, SOCCIS is pleased to announce the addition of 28 videos to the Film Library, for a total of 347 videos and films in the SOCCIS collection. There are four new films on Africa being added to the collection, including "Facing the Truth with Bill Moyers", "Mandela: From Prison to President," Sudan: On the Slave Trail," and "Healers of Ghana." In addition, there are 24 videos on Brazil that are being added to the SOCCIS Latin American collection.

In 1991, the UCLA Center for Korean Studies generously made a collection of 50 videotapes on aspects of Korean Culture available to the SOCCIS Film Library. The collection includes 29 videos in English and 21 in Korean. The videos were donated to the Korea Program by the Korea Research Foundation, Seoul, Korea. They constitute an important addition to the SOCCIS East Asian collection. During 1996, the UCLA Center for European and Russian studies donated twenty-one videotapes dealing with Eastern Europe and Russia. A brief description of these videos is provided at the end of this section.

The SOCCIS Film Library's holdings concentrate on several areas: Africa, East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Arms Control and International Security. Like the Korean and Russian videos, many of the films listed in the catalog below are the property of the UCLA centers: the African Studies Center, the Gustave E. von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies, the Center for International Relations, the Center for Korean Studies and the Center for European and Russian Studies. In the spirit of cooperation, these centers have made their films collections available through SOCCIS to member institutions for instructional purposes. Films that are limited to UCLA use by purchase/lease restrictions are not listed here.

The size of the various categories of SOCCIS film holdings is as follows:

Category Number of Films/Videos

Arms Control and International Security 85

African Studies 75

African Studies (added 2000) 4

East Asian Studies 56

Near Eastern Studies 51

Latin American Studies 31

Brazilian Studies (added 2000) 24

European/Russian Studies 21