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East Asian Studies Films & Videos

Videos on Korea in English (all produced in 1984):
1. A-Ak (Confucian Ritual Music)
2. Celadon of the Koryo Dynasty (A.D. 935-1392
3. Dances of Korea
4. Dano Day
5. Education of Korea
6. Harvest Moon Festival
7. Inlaid Work
8. Korean Flower Shoes
9. Korean Art 5,000 Years
10. Korean Cutural Remains
11. Korean Earthenware
12. Korean High Craftmanship
13. Korean Lacquerware
14. Korean Painting
15. Korean's Smile
16. Korean Traditional Costume
17. Korean Treasures from a Tomb
18. Mask Play
19. National Classical Music
20. National Folklore Museum
21. New Year's Day
22. Old Time's Furniture
23. Sok-kuram (Grotto Shrine)
24. Spring of Home Country
25. Traditional Instruments
26. Traditional Dance
27. Yi Dynasty Ceramics (A.D. 1392-1910)
28. The Ceremonies of Coming-of-Age, Marriage, Funeral and Ancestor Memorial
29. The Home Life of the Korean People

Videos on Korea in Korean:
30. Masterpiece Theater, Yoon, Dong-Ju
31. Masterpiece Theater, Chae, Man-Shik
32. Masterpiece Theater, Lee, Yook-Sah
33. Masterpiece Theater, Han, Yoon-Oon
34. Masterpiece Theater, Jung, Yi-Yong
35. Masterpiece Theater, Lee, Sang-Hwa
36. Traditional Arts of Korea, Pan-Soh- Rhee (Recital of Dramatic Songs)
37. Traditional Arts of Korea, Min-Sok-Ahk
(Folk Music)
38. Traditional Arts of Korea, Jong-Ahk (Ah-Ahk) Classical Court Music
39. 100 Korean Songs (Part I)
40. 100 Korean Songs (Part II)
41. The Sources of Korean Culture: Buddhist Temple
42. The Sources of Korean Culture: The Shaman's World
43. The Sources of Korean Culture: Folktales
44. The Sources of Korean Culture: Classical Musical Instruments
45. Masks of Korea
46. Beauty of Korea: Sports/Games
47. Beauty of Korea: Sounds
48. Beauty of Korea: Folk Religion
49. Folktales of Korea
50. The Shaman's World

Films on China
51. The Barefoot Doctors
52. China: Making of a Civilization
53. Chinese Cult of the Dead
54. Chinese Shamanism
55. One Nation, Many Peoples
56. The People's Army

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