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Arms Control and International Security Films & Videos

1. The Ambassadors: A discussion of Soviet American Relations
2. America from Hitler to MX
3. Anybody's Son will do
4. Armaments: The War Game
5. The Arms Race, Arms Control, and Peace Studies
6. Atomic Attach
7. The Atomic Cafe
8. The Battle of Russia
9. The Bomb: February - September 1945
10. Can Nuclear War be Controlled?
11. The Class that Went to War
12. Countdown for America
13. The Cuban Missile Crises
14. Daniel Ellsberg Speaks on America's Nuclear Policy
15. Day After Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb
16. The Deadly Game of Nations
17. The Decision to Drop the Bomb
18. A Defense that Defends
19. Dr. Stangelove
20. The Edge of History
21. An Essay on War
22. Faces of the Enemy
23. Fail-Safe
24. First Fifty Years: Reflections on US- Soviet Relations
25. The Freeze
26. General Maxwell Taylor
27. George Kennan: A Critical Voice
28. Gods of Metal
29. Goodbye War
30. Ground Zero at Bangor
31. The H-Bomb Decision
32. Hi-tech Diplomacy
33. Hiroshima: the People's Legacy
34. How much is often enough?
35. How Well We Meant
36. If You Love this Planet
37. In Our Defense
38. In the Nuclear Shadow: What Can the Children Tell Us?
39. Keeping the Old Game Alive
40. The Last Epidemic
41. The Missals of October
42. The MX Debate
43. No First Use: Preventing Nuclear War
44. No Place to Hide
45. Notes on Nuclear War
46. The Nuclear Arms Race
47. Nuclear Countdown
48. Nuclear Strategy for Beginners
49. Nuclear War: A Guide to Armageddon
50. Nuclear Winter: Changing our Way of Thinking
51. The Other Nuclear Arms Race
52. Our Friends the Germans
53. Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang
54. The Plutonium Connection
55. The Portable Phonograph
56. Problems of Succession in the Soviet Leadership
57. The Profession of Arms
58. Protection in the Nuclear Age
59. Quest for Peace: Betty Reardon
60. Quest for Peace: Helen Caldicott
61. The Red Army
62. The Red Nightmare
63. Remembering the War
64. Retrospective (Missile Crises)
65. The Rise of the Red Navy
66. The Road to Total War
67. South Africa: The Nuclear File
68. Soviet Defense Decision
69. Soviet Military Strength 1988
70. The Soviet Threat
71. Star Wars: Fact or Fiction?
72. A Step Away from War
73. Survival... or Suicide
74. Ten Seconds that Shook the World
75. To Die, to Live: The Survivors of Hiroshima
76. A Trillion Dollars for Defense
77. The War Game
78. War Without Winners II
79. Weapons in Space
80. What about the Russians?
81. What Soviet Children Are Saying about Nuclear War
82. Who Speaks for Man?
83. Why in the World?
84. The Work of Diplomacy
85. The World after Nuclear War: Nuclear Winter

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