SOCCIS: Anniversary

Reflections on the 30th Year of SOCCIS for International Studies, 1972–2002 by Maurice Harari, Ph.D.

Maurice Harari, Ph.D.
Secretary General Emeritus
International Association of University Presidents

October 18, 2001

Happy Anniversary SOCCIS:

Warmest congratulations and many happy returns to SOCCIS and its many loyal supporters, past and present. What has been accomplished by SOCCIS in the last thirty years in the area of international education has been not only invaluable to its institutional participants and a multitude of faculty and students, but also serves as a model of cooperation which could well be emulated in different parts of the country. The international programs of our institutions were substantially enriched through the various activities of SOCCIS.

I had the privilege of serving as the first Chair of the SOCCIS Standing Committee on Internationalization of the Curriculum for three years (1983-1986) but continued to serve on that Committee through the end of 1992 during the remainder of my service as Dean of the Center for International Education at California State University Long Beach. During this period I conducted numerous workshops and other activities on internationalization of the curriculum and other aspects of international education on the CSULB campus to which the members of SOCCIS were invited and contributed on panels or otherwise. My institution also benefited from my participation and that of my colleagues in the activities hosted by other member campuses of SOCCIS. The general coordination provided by UCLA for several SOCCIS activities has been superb and Dr. Carlo Haro is particularly to be commended for his leadership role in the organization.

Above all, SOCCIS provided an international education "locus" with a strong commitment to an international education "ethos" consisting of a group of highly dedicated and competent colleagues with whom trends, programs and opportunities in international education could be discussed and often acted upon for the benefit of all concerned. The congenial atmosphere provided by SOCCIS was easily translated in very positive program cooperation. May it continue for an indefinite future.

With my warmest greetings and good wishes,

Maurice Harari